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Wilsonia Industrial Park
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Port Elizabeth
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Cumulus Insulation is a national supplier of insulation solutions and polystyrene products to the commercial and industrial markets, servicing the automotive, fresh produce, retail, refrigeration and logistics sectors.

Based out of our facilities in Parow and Phillipi in the Western Cape, and East London and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, we service businesses across South Africa.


Sheets and Blocks
Using our EPS block moulds, we produce very large polystyrene blocks which can then be cut to the desired shape and size, either with our wire cutter, which produces blocks and sheets (pictured) or with our CNC-router which can produce more complex shapes. Polystyrene blocks can be produced in a variety of densities in order to meet your needs.

Shape Moulding
With the creation of a specific mould, polystyrene can be used to provide insulation or a protective layer, with specific applications to the automotive, logistics, produce and refrigeration industries. We can develop moulds to suit any purpose, please contact us regarding mould designs and costings for your business needs.

Ceilings and Cornices
Cumulus delivers several solutions which employ polystyrene in order to provide insulation for ceilings, from laminated ceiling boards to our own Ecoboard. These have a variety of applications due to their insulation, damp proof and fire-resistant properties. We also have a variety of polystyrene cornices available to add an extra touch of class to your project.


Isover, A Division of Saint Gobain Construction Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd – Cape Town

Mr Trevor Henwick

P O Box 360 Bellville, 7535
Tel: (021) 951-1167
Fax: (021) 951-1687

Isover, A Division of Saint Gobain Construction Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd– KZN

Mr Bernard Asquith

Private Bag X30 Springs, 1560
Tel: (012) 657 2800
Fax: (086) 6107936

Isover, A Division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products (Pty) Ltd– PE

Mr B de Freitas

P O Box 2368, North End, 6056
Tel: (041) 461-1508
Fax: (041) 461-1100


Expanded Polystyrene,Glasswool &  Mineral Fibre


Thermal & Acoustic Design, Manufacturers.

Company Description:

Isover’s Foam Division manufactures Expanded Polystyrene products for use in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Refrigeration
Cold Stores Roofs & Ceilings Vessels & Pipes Display & Packaging

EPS is CFC free and is considered ozone friendly.

For further information contact:

Mr Shaun Reardon

P O Box 10430 , Ashwood, 3605
Tel: (031) 465 0305
Fax: (031) 465 6347


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP)



Company Description:

Iso Moulders (Pty) Ltd is a KwaZulu Natal based company with factories located in Jacobs, Isithebe and Ezekheni. Manufactures of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, the company brings with it a reputation of providing quality products and reliable service.

Iso Moulders’ management team, led by Phillip Hollick who boasts over 20 years in EPS manufacturing, carries a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. Iso Moulders continually strives to be a leader in the industry by improving on process and advancing its product offering.

We specialise in manufacturing quality moulded EPS packaging, seed trays and cooler boxes as well as cut to spec EPS products such as insulation, point of sale displays and a variety of construction solutions including cornices, panels, and insulation.

In addition a key element of our strategy is to focus on delivering excellent customer service by understanding their business needs and tailoring solutions which meet their specific requirements. We supply a broad customer base within KZN, from large appliance manufacturers; to the agricultural and construction industries

For further information contact:

Mr Neil James

P O Box 912581 Silverton, 0127
Tel: (012) 804-3564
Fax: (012) 804-6395


Expanded Polystyrene products and insulated sandwich panels



Company Description:

Isowall Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. (ISA) is a wholly owned South African Company.  Isowall is part of a group of companies.  Other companies in the group are situated in Durban, Isithebe, Cape Town, Ladysmith,  Matsapha in Swaziland and Accra in Ghana.

The focus of the group is the manufacture of expanded polystyrene in block and shape form primarily for insulation, construction and packaging and related products under the Isolite Group name and the manufacture of structural insulated panels under the Isowall name.  The Isolite group had grown since its inception in 1990 to be the dominant producer of EPS products in South Africa and the largest converter on the African continent.

Isowall operates from 40 000m2 of factory premises in Pretoria.  Isowall has been manufacturing a structural insulated sandwich panel using a continuous laminating process since 1973. Panels are manufactured with cores of EPS, PU and Rockwool with facings of galvanized pre painted steel, aluminium and glass reinforced polyester (GRP).

Isowall is an international trademark for a laminated sandwich panel and there are similar plants in some 35 countries. Isowall in South Africa has become a generic name for a sandwich panel.

Apart from manufacturing panels the Company also manufactures a range of insulated doors and has a contracting division which installs insulated panels for specialized insulated buildings throughout Africa.

ISA operates a quality assurance in terms of ISO 9001:2000. The system has been evaluated and Certified by Bureau Veritas (Certificate No. 156453)

For further information contact:

Mr Lammie de Beer

P O Box 2445 Springs, 1560
Tel: (011) 363-2780
Fax: (011) 363-2752


Expanded Polystyrene



Company Description:

Technopol was established in 1993 as a producer of expanded polystyrene products for the domestic and export markets. In our Springs factories we manufacture bulk expanded polystyrene block stock which we further convert into numerous products. We work closely with customers and convertors to develop and fine-tune thermal insulation and decorative products for the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors of the construction industry.

All our products are Fire Retarted and produced without any CFCs or HCFCs.

Technopol is a founder member of both EPSASA (Expanded Polystyrene Association of South Africa), and TIASA (Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa).

It is our mission to protect the environment by implementing energy efficient building solutions.

At Technopol we utilize the most advanced technology and our experience in the industry to provide the consumer with answers in Expanded Polystyrene.

For further information contact:


C/o Circumferential Road and Rooibank Avenue
Walvis Bay

P.O. Box 2384
Walvis Bay

Telephone: +264 64 203 445/6
Fax: +264 64 205 087



We are primarily engaged in the manufacturing and cutting of Expandable Polystyrene, the cutting of metal sheets to size and the lamination or sandwidging of these components to produce the insulated modular panel. We supply these panels or polystyrene sheets separately if demanded, but also add further value to produce our own various range of constructions, including mobile office and housing units, cold and freezer rooms, containers, guardhouses, ablutions or most any construction where specs are provided. We also have the equipment to bend an IBR profile from our metal sheets which we sell as roof sheets or roof panels. One of our latest products, the Green Fodder Rooms, are aimed at the agricultural community and enables them to effectively grow supplementary fodder for their livestock.


Manufacturer of Modular Panels for Cold, Freezer Rooms and Housing


Mobile Unites

A convenient solution for last-minute requirements and long-term use, these prefabricated buildings are delivered fully assembled and ready for occupation and can be easily relocated. They are suited to both urban and remote locations and can be used as offices, storage rooms, ablution facilities, kitchens, accommodation, clinics, laboratories, guard houses and more. Built on our renowned steel chassis, which we have perfected with our extensive experience, our mobile units will provide you with many years of trouble-free use. We design to your specifications and manufacture with high craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Truck Bodies

Lightened rear truck body available with temperature control or not. Whatever your required needs are, we design to your specifications and manufacture with high craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail.

Cold and Freezer Rooms

Insulated panels are widely used in areas that require temperature control. They are used in the food & beverage industry such as restaurants, hotels, meat / fish / chicken processing and storage facilities, fruit packaging and storage facilities and distribution centres. The cold rooms comes equipped with meat rails, meat hooks, galvanized floor,220V cooling unit, mild steel light duty frame and standard hinged door. The freezer rooms comes equipped with a three shelve meat rack, 220V cooling unit, galvanized floor, mild steel light duty frame and a standard hinged door. Our latest product is the Orca ice maker. This product is specifically designed to produce frozen ice blocks. The Orca ice maker has the capacity to produce 36 ice blocks within a 24 hour cycle. Please contact us to find out more about this product.

Green Fodder Rooms

This product is aimed at the agricultural community and enables them to supply supplementary feed for their livestock using an indoor system of growing sprouted grain. This can be used strategically to keep stock alive during drought and adverse weather conditions or to provide a healthy nutritious balance to their diet.

Door and Windows

At panel to panel we manufacture a variety of different doors. Our doors are mainly used for cold rooms, freezer rooms and buildings that are constructed using our insulated panels. For any other building that is constructed using our panels for example small panel rooms, panel houses or wall partitioning we have personnel doors. These doors are manufactured into a standard panel frame and can easily be connected to other panels making it very easy to install. We also manufacture aluminium windows specifically made for our insulated panels. We have different sizes available to choose from and our windows can be placed into our panels by cutting the specific dimensions out of the panel and placing the window into the panel. These windows are used in wall portioning, panel rooms or any other panel construction.

IBR Roof Sheeting

Panel to Panel manufactures IBR sheets designed for use as roofing or cladding in commercial, industrial and residential buildings, with a width of 1100 mm our IBR sheets can be cut to any length required.

Some of the advantages of our IBR sheets includes

–       Corrosion protected
–       UV resistant
–       Thermally efficient
–       Flexible
–       Lightweight



Membership in EPSASA is open to any firm that has successfully tested and is in compliance with the requirements of the Association and whose membership would not jeopardize the credibility of the Expanded Polystyrene Association of South Africa. All applicants must be approved by the EPSASA National Executive Committee.

Companies join EPSASA as either an Associate Member or a General Member depending on their scope of business. Membership applications and the requirements for membership are provided herewith. If you are interested in membership or have additional questions, please feel free to contact the EPSASA office at (011) 805 5002.