Automa Multi Styrene (Pty) Ltd          

Gauteng Branch
Mr. Dirk Cajada
40 Diesel Road, Isando, 1600, Republic of South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)11 974 3524
Fax: +27 (0)11 392 5674

Cape Town Branch (Styromould)
Mr. Johan Bezuidenhout
Assegai Road, Parow Industria, 7500
Telephone: +27 (0)21 931 6181
Fax: +27 (0)21 932 3176

Products: Expanded Polystyrene products – moulded, sheets and hotwired.
Expanded Polypropylene products - moulded.
Polyphen® fire resistant insulation foam supplied in sheets.
Manufacturing, product development and in-house CAD–CAM enabled tool room.
Company Description: Established since 1975, Automa Multi Styrene (Pty) Ltd. is firmly entrenched as a market leader in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) mouldings, EPS sheets and Polyphen® fire resistant sheets.

With strategically located manufacturing plants in Gauteng and the Western Cape, we are in a position to service a large and diversified customer base throughout Southern Africa, while our strong international ties with Europe enable us to maintain our technical strength by keeping abreast of developments worldwide.

Our engineering expertise and in-house tool room, equipped with the latest CNC milling machines and computer aided design has enabled us to be innovative in the design and manufacture of moulds for EPS and EPP products. Our wealth of technical experience and expertise in this field has enabled us to produce quality products that are economically viable and compare favourably with the best in the world.
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Global Polymer Industries (Pty) Ltd     
Mr Gerd Sohrada 

P.O. Box 1428 Otjiwarongo Namibia

Tel: (00264) 67 303 191/2
Fax: (00264) 67 303193
Products: Expanded Polystyrene Products – Sheets and Mouldings.
Product Design, - Development and Manufacturing
Company Description: Global Polymer Industries (Pty) Ltd is registered in Namibia, with its head office in Otjiwarongo. In cooperation with our customers, suppliers and employees, we strive to be a leading manufacturer in innovative polymer products and in particular for the building- and packaging sector, through continuous product improvement and development.
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Isover, A Division of Saint Gobain Construction Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd  – Cape Town
Mr Trevor Henwick

P O Box 360 Bellville, 7535
Tel: (021) 951-1167
Fax: (021) 951-1687
Isover, A Division of Saint Gobain Construction Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd– KZN
  Mr R Tully

PO Box 991 Pinetown 3610
Tel: (031) 569 7200
Fax: (031) 569 7219

Isover, A Division of Saint Gobain Construction Products South Africa (Pty) LtdGauteng
  Mr Bernard Asquith

Private Bag X30 Springs, 1560
Tel: (012) 657 2800
Fax: (086) 6107936
Isover, A Division of Saint Gobain Construction Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd– PE
  Mr B de Freitas

P O Box 2368, North End, 6056
Tel: (041) 461-1508
Fax: (041) 461-1100
Products: Expanded Polystyrene,Glasswool &  Mineral Fibre
Thermal & Acoustic Design, Manufacturers.
Company Description:

Isover’s Foam Division manufactures Expanded Polystyrene products for use in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Refrigeration
Cold Stores Roofs & Ceilings Vessels & Pipes Display & Packaging

EPS is CFC free and is considered ozone friendly.
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Isolite – Gauteng
Mr Neil James

P O Box 912581, Silverton, 0127
Tel: (012) 804-3564
Fax: (012) 804-6395
Isolite – Cape
  Mr Jimmy Jacka

P O Box 32111 Ottery, 7808
Tel: (021) 371-4114
Fax: (021) 371-5541
Products: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP)
Company Description: The Isolite Group manufactures and distributes Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products throughout Southern Africa.

The Group services a wide range of industries, supplying products ranging from insulation sheets to fish boxes to seed trays to cycle helmets, from 6 different factory locations in Southern Africa.

The Group has recently introduced a faced EPS product with a B1 fire rating suitable for insulation of buildings- Isolam. Isolam is suitable for use as ceilings for industrial and commercial buildings as well as for low cost housing. The Group also manufactures a range of ceiling cornices.

EPP products are currently only manufactured in Gauteng.
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ISO Moulders
Mr Shaun Reardon

P O Box 10430 , Ashwood, 3605
Tel: (031) 465 0305
Fax: (031) 465 6347
Products: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP)
Company Description:

Iso Moulders (Pty) Ltd is a KwaZulu Natal based company with factories located in Jacobs, Isithebe and Ezekheni. Manufactures of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, the company brings with it a reputation of providing quality products and reliable service.

Iso Moulders’ management team, led by Phillip Hollick who boasts over 20 years in EPS manufacturing, carries a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. Iso Moulders continually strives to be a leader in the industry by improving on process and advancing its product offering.

We specialise in manufacturing quality moulded EPS packaging, seed trays and cooler boxes as well as cut to spec EPS products such as insulation, point of sale displays and a variety of construction solutions including cornices, panels, and insulation.

In addition a key element of our strategy is to focus on delivering excellent customer service by understanding their business needs and tailoring solutions which meet their specific requirements. We supply a broad customer base within KZN, from large appliance manufacturers; to the agricultural and construction industries
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Isowall - Gauteng
Mr Neil James

P O Box 912581 Silverton, 0127
Tel: (012) 804-3564
Fax: (012) 804-6395
Products: Expanded Polystyrene products and insulated sandwich panels
Company Description: Isowall Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. (ISA) is a wholly owned South African Company.  Isowall is part of a group of companies.  Other companies in the group are situated in Durban, Isithebe, Cape Town, Ladysmith,  Matsapha in Swaziland and Accra in Ghana.

The focus of the group is the manufacture of expanded polystyrene in block and shape form primarily for insulation, construction and packaging and related products under the Isolite Group name and the manufacture of structural insulated panels under the Isowall name.  The Isolite group had grown since its inception in 1990 to be the dominant producer of EPS products in South Africa and the largest converter on the African continent.

Isowall operates from 40 000m2 of factory premises in Pretoria.  Isowall has been manufacturing a structural insulated sandwich panel using a continuous laminating process since 1973. Panels are manufactured with cores of EPS, PU and Rockwool with facings of galvanized pre painted steel, aluminium and glass reinforced polyester (GRP).

Isowall is an international trademark for a laminated sandwich panel and there are similar plants in some 35 countries. Isowall in South Africa has become a generic name for a sandwich panel.

Apart from manufacturing panels the Company also manufactures a range of insulated doors and has a contracting division which installs insulated panels for specialized insulated buildings throughout Africa.

ISA operates a quality assurance in terms of ISO 9001:2000. The system has been evaluated and Certified by Bureau Veritas (Certificate No. 156453).
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Mr Johan Bezuidenhout

P O Box 1481, Parow, 7499
Tel: (021) 931-6181
Fax: (021) 932-3176
Products: Expanded Polystyrene
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Mr Lammie de Beer

P O Box 2445 Springs, 1560
Tel: (011) 363-2780
Fax: (011) 363-2752
Products: Expanded Polystyrene
Company Description: Technopol was established in 1993 as a producer of expanded polystyrene products for the domestic and export markets. In our Springs factories we manufacture bulk expanded polystyrene block stock which we further convert into numerous products. We work closely with customers and convertors to develop and fine-tune thermal insulation and decorative products for the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors of the construction industry. 

All our products are Fire Retarted and produced without any CFCs or HCFCs.

Technopol is a founder member of both EPSASA (Expanded Polystyrene Association of South Africa), and TIASA (Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa). 

It is our mission to protect the environment by implementing energy efficient building solutions. 

At Technopol we utilize the most advanced technology and our experience in the industry to provide the consumer with answers in Expanded Polystyrene.
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